What is programming?

Programming in layman terms is a process of writing computer programs to make your work easy or to be more specific automated. You can complete your repetitive tasks by programming it beforehand by using a computer program. So what is a computer program? A computer program is nothing but a collection of computer codes saved in a file (also called modules or scripts) that will perform the task according to the logic coded in the computer program.

Why is programming important?

Today we live in a digital age where we are see machines and devices everyday. Smartphones, Social media, YouTube, etc. have changed our lives. As of today, everything we used to do manually now has an App or computer software to automate it. For every other outdoor work, there is an App that simplifies our job. We are now witnessing the rise of self-driving cars, virtual reality, augmented reality, electric sports cars and what not. These things which were nothing more than human imagination has now turned into a reality. Try to guess how we were able to accomplish this? Yes, the answer is right in front of your eyes, it is by means of programming.

Programming has the power to change the world. Programmers of today are the wizards of tomorrow. I believe, whatever you intend to create; your next invention is just a code away. Well since now you know the power of programming you must be excited to begin your programming journey.

Is programming hard to learn?

The answer is NO. You just need patience and read as much articles or books as possible, watch as many tutorials as you can and strengthen your concepts.

So, what exactly will I be learning?

You will be learning how to create computer programs by writing codes. Computer codes are written with the help of a programming language. Computer programs help to automate many simple tasks. In order to learn to code and understand the concepts of computer programming, we chose Python as our main programming language. Python is a perfect programming language for absolute beginners.

What is Python?

Python is a versatile general purpose programming language. It is capable of implementing procedural, object-oriented and functional paradigm of programming. It has applications in almost every field be it web development, server side scripting, ethical hacking, software development, GUI, etc. Python is an open source program developed under OSI license. There is absolutely no charge to download, install and run Python on your computer irrespective of your operating system.

What is Code in Python and how it will help me?

Code in Python provides how-to guides to learn python and python related platforms like Django, Flask, PyGames, Kivy, etc. We are providing free resources to learn them. If you feel that our content needs improvement then please feel free to send us your suggestion or contribute to our article. Get in touch via Facebook and Twitter

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