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Bubble Sort in Python

23rd July 2017

This code snippet below will show you how to perform bubble sort in python. Creating a bubble sort program in python will touch the concepts in python like lists, indexing, for/while loops in python, conditional statements like if-elif-else. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Github to stay updated.

# ***********BUBBLE SORT**************

# taking array from user

arr = []
num = int(input("enter number of elements: "))
for j in range(num):
    arr.insert(j, int(input("enter element: ")))

# sorting that array

for pos in range(len(arr) - 1, 0, -1):
    for i in range(pos):
        if arr[i] > arr[i + 1]:
            temp = arr[i]
            arr[i] = arr[i + 1]
            arr[i + 1] = temp
print("sorted array is : ", arr)

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